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"Principles, primary Causes, Stress, secondary causes, Matrix, Synthesis, Premature Diagnosis, Therapies, Conclusions" 
Research on Cancer and Tumours by Dr. Jean Paul Vanoli - (Ph.D. in Science of the Nutrition)  
 Italy  - mobile: +39. 348.90.29.914
Extracted from by  "Natural Health Guide"
Today, 13/03/98 published in: 
Conference on Cancer and Natural Medicine  (video)
Italian Traduction

Sodium Bicarbonate
See this interwiew

The Smoke (of the cigarette) doesn't directly cause Cancer (It poisons a lot but it's just a tertiary Cause)

Dott. S. Stagnaro:
Quantum Biophysical Semeiotics, Oncological Terrain, Cancer Inherited Real Risk:

About Biophysical Semeiotic Constitutions:

Nowadays the world’s medical science, the one which studies the true causes of illnesses,  
is on the right path. 

Also other researchers reached our same conclusions.  

For example visit: 

This researcher confirms that the cancer is tied up to the mycoplasm (bacteria + fungus): 
"Does fungus play a role in the aetiology of cancer ? ", Reviews in Medical Microbiology  
13(1):37-42, January 2002, Wainwright, Milton –

also see: What if Cancer was a Fungus


Chemo drugs 'destroy brain cells'
Drugs used to destroy cancer cells may actually be more harmful to healthy cells in the brain, research suggests.
A team from New York's University of Rochester found several types of key brain cell were highly vulnerable to the drugs. They say it might help explain side effects such as seizures and memory loss associated with chemotherapy - collectively dubbed 'chemo brain'.
The research, on mice, is published in the Journal of Biology.
Drug therapy for cancer can prompt a wide range of neurological side effects, even the onset of dementia.
But they were thought not to be directly linked to the drug treatment itself.
Instead, some doctors have put them down to the patient's vulnerable psychological state.
The latest study found that dose levels typically used when treating patients killed 40% to 80% of cancer cells - 70% to 100% of brain cells.
Several types of healthy brain cell continued to die for at least six weeks after exposure.


The story of a terminally ill cancer patient is above all a story of LONELINESS !!
In the words of Italian singer, Fabrizio De Andrè, "When you die you do it alone."
And it may be a horrible truth, but it is true nonetheless.. when traditional medicine dramatically proposes inauspicious diagnoses, invasive and useless therapies, leaving the patient without any real assistance and alone with himself.  

This happens because "modern medicine", practised by 'experts' that have lost the concept of the wholeness of Man, focuses on very invasive pharmacological therapies and on the vain logic of physicians that are sure to be useful only when the patient makes "the correct  application";

Modern medicine doesn't want to take responsibility for the person in their spiritual, emotional and physical complexity.  It refuses particularly the frustration of a relationship in which it is not able to give valid, recognized, certain and appreciable results, giving evasive answers, never certain. 

Saying to a human being that there is nothing more that can be done for him and giving him a sensation of complete hopelessness, as surely happens in many cases, it is a way to refuse the image of Allopathic Medicine's impotence, "unpreparedness", in front of the  wrong and misleading teaching received from the university that has "graduated" doctors in.."unskilfulness and incapability".  

The only way to rediscover "resolutive" and decisive medicine - ALSO for Cancer - is the Natural Medicine !

Definition of the word Cancer - Tumour

But what it really is “Cancer”?  Certainly, still a strange illness...misunderstood by the official medicine.
Luigi Oreste Speciani (a medic) wrote: "In a time of precise definitions like today, cancer is the only illness to be completely “unnamed”... carcinoma and cancer, in fact, are nothing else than the ancient egyptian name for ‘cancer’ translated into greek (karkinos) and into latin (cancer), which is derived from its appearance, often similar to the crustacean, i.e. a body with a central bulk with periferal radial ends, as the legs and pincers of the cancer... 
”Tumour” is pure latin (tumour), but only means swelling... "sarcoma" (from the greek sarkoma) means only “fleshy mass"; “neoplasia” only describes in greek, "the new formation" (of tissue); “eteroplasia” which would perhaps  imply a judgement towards the pathogenic (extraneous formation) is a real scientific falsity, recognized as such from the invention of the microscope onwards. Nor the composite terms (oncology, oncologous) have a greater meaning: from the greek onkos (volume, bulk, voluminous body) as they purely define the science and the scientist of the 'bulk', i.e. once again of the tumour ! “
In the common language we refer to it  with a psychological reverence, similar to that of a rabbi when he meets the name Jehova (frightening god) in the Torah, as to “something really bad”, or as to “a bad illness”. 
In some necrologies its constant synonym is “an incurable illness". Hence it really needs a name
(L. O. Speciani, Di Cancro si vive, Masson, Milano 1982) 



Levels - types of Fields that Natural Medicine has always identified and defined as “matrices” are the following:

1.      SPIRITUAL - Perceptive = InFormAtion = Psychic = Mind (unconscious=reactive - conscious=rational) = mental scheme (designed through acquired information, correlated and synthesized)
In order to work on this field level it is necessary to keep hold and/or find the information useful for a living that is the most coherent with behavioural
Ethic and to solve the Problems of daily living.
Because of the intrinsic nature of information, this level-field constantly “modulates”,  the Electro-Magnetic Fields  – EMF – of the Bio electronic field, as itself is made of one of the 4 energy forms; in the brain it manifests itself as an energy with radiofrequency modulation of information. 
It is at this level that 
Spiritual Conflicts  are created, and from which ALL illnesses are initiated.

2.      BIO ELECTRONIC – Energetic = Field made up by the Electro – Magnetic part (C.E.M.) which sends and distributes information to the whole organism; Quantistic Bio Physics of the Living (informational interrelation between the many CEM of sub- atomic particles, atomic, molecules, cells, organs, body). 

     It is at this level that blocks of  Living Energy are produced to support the information.
This energetic level-field (plasma = see 1. in Bibliography) “modulates and is modulated”, i.e. interacts with the Field = Body fluids + Physiological field’s connective tissue. (see
Bio Electronic).

3.      PHYSIOLOGICAL – Bio Chemical - Tissutal = Body fluids and the Connective Tissue which are immersed in those fluids, it is the Field interconnected and interrelated with the C.E.M. contained within the Bio electronic field; percentages of fluids in the human body = from 85% for the infant to 65 % for the elderly.

     Thie level-field, through the “revelation-conversion” via “antennae convertitrici trasduttrici e piezoelectric” of the villi, micro villi e cilia sensoriali, which are found on the surface of tissue, cells, micro organisms etc., modulates, i.e. transforms - translates the “informative signals” received by the bio electronic field into “mechanical and acoustic vibrations – which cannot be perceived by the ear” – and through the same bio electronic charges – by piezoelectric effect + polarizations – even in chemical reactions, so that the “informational signal” goes from and to every field-level, so that it activates and relationates with the various levels.

4.      FUNCTIONAL – Bio Mechanical = Mouvement / Energy / Vital Force.
Each Field has its own InFormAtions which are interchanged between other levels/fields. 

The Functional allows the Spiritual level to amass information through the body of the living being, via the sensorial organs = internal and external sensors and the  Spiritual level acts in a continuous circle with the Functional through intermediate fields-levels. More, it allows to the Being to participate in this sensorial dimension and to communicate with the whole Universe manifestation.


Natural Medicine teaches to “work” on these 4 levels or Fields at the same time, with appropriate tecniques which are not invasive.

The official medicine ONLY and uniquely acts by providing substances (pharmaceutics and vaccines which are poisons) which according to this medicine are in relation only with other substances that appear to exceed or lack, or to bring about particular chemical reactions.

In fact this “empirical medicine” only acts on the physiological-chemical field, without worrying about induced and produced interferences on the other levels-fields.

Not only this, but also because it does not acts on the other levels-fields, as it does not even consider them, produces some grave imbalances (new iatrogene illnesses and/or somatisation of the unwanted effects of the pharmaceutics and of the vaccines) rendering the patient cronically ill and/or causing him handicaps and/or easily bringing him towards an early death.

Here is the big gap, which is for now unbridgeable, between the two medicines;  the Natural Medicine is called ALTERNATIVE and not Complementary, to the official therapeutic medicine, the only worth of which is the emergency, surgical, and traumatologic medicine.

Matrix and Regulation of the Matrix - A. Pischinger MD - Prof. Hartmut Heine PhD, Publishing SIMF, Italian Society of Functional Medicine.

SOLVED SPIRITUAL CONFLICT  + (Tissutal and Cellular Terrain on pH adultered + Parasites) + (Disbiosis, Intossication, Inflammation = Immunodepression) = CANCER and others illness......  

(The Spiritual Conflict and the Iron Law of the Cancer) - see: The body of Pain

This "Law" was promulgated by the German physician, Dr. R. G. Hamer, around 20 years ago;
It was confirmed and introduced to the university of Vienna in 1988 where it had success during a symposium in Germany.   Doct. Hamer was an expert of inner medicine, having worked for 15 years in several university clinics in Germany.  In 1978, near the Italian island of ‘Cavallo’, an "excellent" man on a boat, killed his son with a rifle, while he was sleeping on another boat moored beside his; it immediately was ascertained that the murder  was Vittorio Emanuele of Savoia. Obviously the "unattempted" trial against this "Vip" vanished and the killer was never condemned.  This death and the judicial route were lived by doct. Hamer (the same name plays as a prophecy = Hamer in French means "bitter")in a very bitter, unexpected and deeply suffered way, also for the way in which the fact was covered. 
This strong spiritual trauma - Unsolved Conflict - instigated a terrible and sudden cancer in the doctor, that however allowed him to self-analyze his situation and to understand what himself subsequently called:  
"The Iron Law of the Cancer" - also see: Hamer  and The Biological Law of the Cancer

After the re-discovery of this Law, the doct. Hamer was seriously opposed by the medical class that asked him to abjure or leave the hospital where he worked.  
Obviously he didn't abjure, the discovery was true and checked in the meantime on over 20.000 patients. But then he lost his job. 

We can find another test of this inexorable Law in cancer death of the Italian television speaker  Enzo Tortora, who was unjustly accused by a prisoner to be a drug dealer; arrested before TV cameras, accused and unjustly imprisoned, it suffered terribly. 

Tortora, who was a vegetarian and a naturist, died few years after because of a cancer ( Unsolved Conflict on the "Whys").

All families having a person with cancer at home know that the sick has "suffered" a serious spiritual Conflict (a darling's death, loss of the job, loss of a love etc.), from 6 months to 8 years before the diagnosis of the cancer.

A famous psychotherapist and psychologist has written us this letter: 

"In the months preceding the diagnosis of my cancer I really felt this way.  

A few days before making the "scan-detector" I had horrible dreams of aggression I didn't succeed in escaping . My state of mind was characterized by the anguish I was about to succumb to. 

My type of cancer didn't have any symptom, but when I knew my terrible diagnosis I had the sensation that cancer is an illness "of the soul".   

The same author of this study, in "Guide to the Natural Health", edit. of 1971, Dr. J. Paul Vanoli (Ph.D.)interviewed around 400 women that had tumours to uterus and breasts. All of them, in the precedents years (from 1 to 8), have suffered a strong spiritual trauma (Unsolved and "not approved" Conflict ), living in loneliness. The Unsolved Conflict was always tied to love/procreation/sex (lost of relative, husband, child, lover and in some case abortion). In females' body, breast and uterus are organs that belong to the affective / procreative / sexual sphere - therefore they are naturally the target organs of that types of spiritual unsolved conflicts. 
Besides the pleasure, the health: the masturbation would help to prevent the onset of prostate cancer.  

A study conducted by Graham Giles and his team at the Cancer Council Victoria of Melbourne and published on the British Journal of Urology compared a sample of 1.079 men having prostate cancer with a group of 1.259 healthy men of the same age, between 20 and 50 years old.
The investigation was concentrated on the frequency of ejaculations, rater than on the number of sexual intercourse, as previous studies did.

Giles’ research, revealed that a frequency of five or more ejaculations a week, especially in men in their twenties, is associable to a reduction of the risk, up to 65 percent. 
The advanced hypothesis is that frequent ejaculations prevent the accumulation of carcinogenic agents in the prostatic gland. Also a recently published study in the British Journal of Cancer, affirms that the males with low sexual impulse can be subject to an increase in the risk of breast cancer. The study has discovered that males that have had few orgasms have greater possibilities to develop the illness.  Breast cancer is very rare in males. It's often diagnosed in older age and it is often found in an advanced stadium becoming difficult to treat.  
The researchers think (with their theory) that low levels of testosterone can be connected to the onset of breast cancer and the first-born child has a more elevated risk compared to the youngest brothers.  The experts believe that this is due to a greater production of extrogens from their mothers during the first pregnancy.  

A study conducted in Greece has compared 23 males with breast cancer with 76 healthy individuals, asking them information regarding their lifestyle, their sexual life and their family history.  
Although this study was performed on a limited number of people, the researchers affirm that their discoveries have shown that a lower sexual impulse is connected to the risk of breast cancer. Also males without children, or singles, are subject to greater risk.  
Professor Dimitrios Trichopulos, Harvard University (USA), affirms:  
"The frequency of orgasms is held to be connected to the testosterone, the hormone that drives the sexual behaviour of males. Our study has shown for the first time that males with breast cancer tend to have a lower sexual impulse, as measured by the frequency of their orgasms." 
An investigation near the veterinarians has allowed us to discover that also female dogs, that have not given birth at least twice in their life, have 98% of probability to contract the cancer in uterus !  
The ancient did already discover the principles of  Natural Medicine ("eziopatogenesis"), therefore the Law of Hamer is only a re-discovery !

Here is an example: even in the Bible and precisely in the Gospel, we find writing that "the salary of the sin is the death" and "the sin is the transgression of the law". And for Law they mean Coherence to all "the understood Universal biological Laws", including the laws of relationships with others and the environment, in a mutual respect, love and equitable exchange, and that "to digest" the pain, that is to furnish logical-coherent solutions with those Sacred Laws. 

Living in a state of incoherence or Conflict (contrast) with those Laws, because of wrong mental schemas, always generates spiritual Conflicts that need to be resolved to be able to live in Perfect Health, understanding that we ourselves are the cause of our illnesses, with our incoherent behaviours (not in ethics) towards those sacred Natural Laws.  
Therefore this means that every unsolved conflict, tends to go down in the physical body and to settle in the target organ connected to the "conflictual archetype".

Illnesses are therefore the consequence of  "Spiritual Conflicts that go down, from the sky of the Spirit, from the thought, to the physiological soil in the body", and when they find the  appropriate ground, they proliferate producing the illness". In other words the action of the evil, that is the physical body of the ignorance, in the "target organs" managed by the part of the brain/mind invested by the Unsolved Conflict.  

Chronic STRESS, Chronic Anxiety and Tumours
- Your tension can accelerate the development of illnesses. 
Can stress accelerate the development of the skin's cancer ? The answer seems to be affirmative. Some scientists of the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center sustain in fact that chronic stress can accelerate the development of illnesses in animals already at a high risk of illnesses.  
The study, published on the December issue of the magazine "Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology", shows that mice exposed to stressful conditions and to carcinogenic UV light,  develop skin tumours in less than half the time in comparison to “non stressed-out” mice. 
Researchers claim that, if what was observed in mice was also relevant to men, programs of reduction of the stress, as yoga and meditation could help the individuals exposed to a greater risk of melanoma. 

"Many signs exist on the negative effects of chronic stress, that it weakens our immunity system and influences numerous aspects of health - explains dermatologist Francisco Tausk, director of this study - Nevertheless, in order to create solid strategies of care, we need to better understand the mechanisms by which the stress influences the development of the tumours." 
Tausk exposed 40 mice to the smell of foxes urine - which is a great stress for the rodents - and to high quantities of light UV. The first skin tumour developed in one of the mice after eight weeks of experiments.  
Mice exposed only to UV light have started to develop tumours 13 weeks later, instead.
After 21 weeks, 14 out of the 40 stressed-out mice had at least a tumour against only two "non stressed-out" mice. In the majority of cases it was not melanoma, but scaly cells tumours.  
© 1999 - 2004 Her Sciences S.p.A. 
Also see Daily Stress

Until now, most oncologic medical researches on cancer have been focused on the area of appearance of the tumour (lung, bones, liver, etc.); in fact, since the beginning the problem that they were trying to solve was: why do cells suddenly ‘go crazy’ and then abnormally proliferate ? And up to now no cure exists.
Official therapies consist of finding the means to try to stop the so-called "cells  proliferation", called cancerous, through: X rays irradiations, cobalt therapy; chemotherapy; or with the use of surgical interventions to try to extract the cancer from the organism (which on most cases, reappears after a surgical operation in other parts of the body).

These solutions have never totally healed Anybody. In some cases they have allowed a more or less better coexistence with the tumour, and in many cases, instead, they have increased and brought the patient who was submitted to such "therapies" to his/her death. While it was being observed that in 25/30% of the cases, cancer spontaneously regressed and almost always recovered in these "strange" cases not explained, without the use of medicines or invasive medical treatments.
The famous placebo effect, inexplicable recoveries from the medical oncology.  

Why these "miracles" do happen?  Because the patient, unconsciously or consciously manages himself to remove the deep but true Causes that produced his cancer; they change their ethics "vision of life" and they do not “feed" anymore their cancer with their Conflicts (of incoherence), which have now been resolved.  

Even Dr. Hamer confirms us and reveals the "secret" of such recoveries; by changing ethics (global – physical - spiritual) oxygen gaps are eliminated, toxins (toxic proteins and microCrystals) that have been accumulated (with particular oxide-reductors products), parasites and bacteria and pathogenic fungi (Candida Albicans and its variations) regress and, by rearranging the cellular oxygen intake and the pH, the rò, and the rH -
- see Bioelettronic - they are naturally rearranged, conditions of the “altered tissue soil" = the liquids of the body intra and extra cellular.    

To be precise, organism must be described more as a computer Net, which is interconnected and self-managed as a flow of masses or energy.  
This "Matrix" (System as a computer Net) is the physiological basis to and from which every illness manifests itself, and is the ground in which Every type of Spiritual Conflict begins to "in-Formate". From it and in it (matrix and/or ground) every type of Spiritual discomfort makes itself evident physiologically, and arriving up to the target organs of the Spiritual Conflict lived in incoherence, and producing therefore the necessary pain to force the "I-mind-brain" to confront with its unsolved problems, to choose to Change Behaviours, i.e. to have an ethics consistent with the Laws of Creation.   
Therefore Stress bears again an enormous importance, both in its vital, and in its chronic conflictual destructive form. 
This means that the information (the Spirit of the Ego) "floats" on this great sea of liquids similar to the sea/ocean, while inForming the whole system and modulating it according to the behaviours.

In the living organism it is the liquids of its Matrix or Ground that become the vectors of its inFormation/energy, which are able to instigate the mutual intercellular effects (also see Fisher’s studies, 1985).  

As primary purpose of the organism is to keep itself alive, integer and healthy, to be able to manifest the Spirit that looks for its origins…the infinity… it is necessary that its matrix or ground must be ALWAYS in the right Bio Electronic brackets of a Perfect Health.
This principle of “informatized Omeostasis" can be perfectly found in the extra-cellular matrix or ground, and in its mechanisms of self-regulation (within certain limits), as the ground/matrix reaches Every cell of the whole organism, and always reacts in a uniform way, to the purpose for which it is informed. In groups of epithelial and cerebral cells where the extra-cellular area is reduced to the minimum, this matrix forms the intra-cellular substance.  
Certain substances form the barrier/filter of the cellular wall (isotonia, isionia, isoosmia of the matrix) preventing (if the Bio electronic conditions – differences in charges - are correct = pH, rH, and rò in the correct parameters) the molecules of a certain dimension and/or charge to be excluded, but it allows to those proper for the type of cell, to penetrate to feed and in certain cases to specialize the necessary substances to other types of cells in other parts of the body.
The basic "tone", or electro-static charge which is established in this way (redox system = oxide-reduced + acid-basic system), reacts to every change in the extra-cellular matrix with deviations of the Bio-Electronic potential, for the increase of positive ions, in comparison to the correct relationships among negative and positive ions.  

It is necessary to remember that the "tone" or bio-electronic charge, also happens inside the cell as the mitocondrio is appointed to send to a good charge of electrons (-) and if this doesn't happen we have functional alterations ( genetic mutation , endogenous poisonings coming from intercellular liquids produced from Vaccines, Medicines, etc.).

Normally and in the healthy person, the inFormation within contained and communicated by the ground-matrix, informs the cellular membrane (es. of cells in the tissues muscles and of the nerves) with a variation of electronic potential, forcing through a cellular reaction for difference of electronic potential), the same membrane to penetrate or to go out the substances (osmosis), or as in all the other types of cells, through the activation of secondary messengers (substances) on the membrane, that you/they transmit computer codes in her and of the substance of base of the citoplasmatic enzymes, finally landing to the cellular nucleuses in the appropriate place of the genetic material of the cellular nucleuses or in mitochondria, to exchange and to integrate the necessary information to the maintenance of a healthy life.  

The self conservation of an organism is to be seeked  in the maintenance of the correct relations of the omeostatic processes of the body, which allow the information (Spirit-thought) to enter, to enrich, exchange,  and modulate every part of the living psycho-bioelectronic system.   

From the phylogenetic point of view, the Matrix, or extra-cellular ground, is "older" in the nervous and hormonal systems. 

The matrix or ground is connected to the endocrine glandular system, through the capillary vases and to the central nervous system through the vegetative nervous peripheral terminations, with their blind terminations in the extra-cellular matrix and both the systems are tied up one to the other in the lengthened marrow, the Superior centers bound to the ego-I-mind-brain are influenced and can influence the extra-cellular matrix (the liquids of the body). 
Since the capillary vases, the vegetative nervous fibres, and the cells of the connective fabric that wander through the same fabric and regulate the extra-cellular matrix (macrofagi, leucociti, mastcellule in the extracellular liquids) are reciprocally "informatized" through the products that are freed by the cells (prostaglandine, citrokine, stretched out, inhibiting etc.), the result is a vast and complex "umorale interconnected and informatized" system whose historical-scientific predecessors are in the classical theory of "vital juices."  

The advantage of such a cybernetic interconnected system is always in a meaningful increase of the ability of regulation and performances with the possibility of a greater number of ownership that is not possible to get with the simple arithmetic sum of the single ownerships of the components; in this way the existing relationships can be included between Psyche and systems, cerebral, nervous, endocrine, immunitary, intestinal, muscular and bony gastro.
(see A. Pischinger MD 1975 and Adler 1981).  

Despite the greater specialization of the under systems (e.g. the immune system) and the susceptibility to it associate, the evolutionary value of the biological systems highly interconnected and therefore interdependent, is in their overabundance; this means that the system compensates the lack of individual components or of under systems, by being able, the under systems, to take over completely or partially, for a long or brief term, until the "physical and spiritual components" are repaired or resolved.

(Thomas 1984)  - The basic ground or extra-cellular matrix must also be intended as a Regulator of Proteins, with the connected phenomenon of the discards of the metabolism that can also be eliminated through the "Fast of Proteins."  

The distribution of vesicular elements of the connective fabric (above all the one being called "soft") and of the cells of defence of the extra-cellular matrix, which is extremely reactive (Heine 1987) is an important principle of the physiological and pathological regulation of the extra-cellular matrix that in the modern official medicine should be more investigated, but right now it is not even considered.

In this center the vesicular elements of the connective and the immunitary cells disintegrate themselves, freeing an enormous number of biologically active substances, which give origin to the decomposition of the vesicular membranes, influencing the cellular oxygen intake and the bio-electronic charges (pH, rH, rò) of the tissue, and therefore regulating and modifying the Omeostatic processes.

The physiological threadbare of the leucocitis - grazes of pure blood or "cells of decomposition" as the Dr. Undriz calls them (also see studies of Pishinger 1957 and Keller 1975), is also a part of the regulation and informatization of the extra-cellular matrix.  
The matrix or Ground has also the particularity of interacting In Every Instant with the environment external to the body, through the electro-magnetic charge of the air/environment where the body is installed and of its repercussions with the bio-electronic charge of the same matrix; the interaction is certain, measurable and quantifiable in every instant; the variation follows the thermal variations, the solar lunar, and stellar cycles, therefore is cosmogonic and it varies also in relation to the altitude or longitude (see the problems that all pilots and travellers have, when they move on the surface of the planet), where the organism is present, the cronobiology teaches and the mitochondria inside the cells are the "places" which can be most influenceable by such bio-electronic variations. A simple example: in a sunny and people feel more calm and cheerful; the opposite way, if the day is rainy or foggy.    

Nowadays, with special equipments, the Bio Electronic science allows us to understand, analyze, define and therefore know how to rearrange the ground or matrix in a simple way, but this is comprehensible only for the operator or therapist that it knows well the technique. 
Secondary and Tertiary, Causes

Loss of Autochtonous Bio-vital Bacterial Flora with consequent chronic Immuno-depression + Acidosis of liquid the body + Malnutrition and therefore inflammation and poisoning of liquids, cells and tissues of mineral and toxins, with loss-reduction of the endogenous production of Glutatione, + Colonization of Bacteria and Fungi in the organs interested by the poisoning and by the inflammatory processes, with further intoxication from mico toxins. See: What if Cancer was a Fungus
Foreword: human belly has its ‘bottom‘ brain, or enteric encephalon, with its net of innervations, from the walls of the stomach and the intestine, net that is in correlations with the two branches of the autonomous nervous system (sympatic and parasympatic system) with around 100 million neurons, which are in most part autonomous from the top brain (the one in the head) to which is certainly connected, but from which doesn't depend also for its operation and above everything for the sensors (nervous terminations) of the mucous inside of the bowel (stomach and bowel); the evidence of this is in the fact that recent clinical scientific discoveries, have shown that by interrupting the connections between higher and lower brain, the latter can still work in authonomy. 

This intestinal enterico brain (lower), center of the emotions and the incoscious, is in tight relationship with the endocrine system, because in the bowel operate endocrinal cells scattered in his mucous, and it is also in connection with the immune system, understood as system/organ of sense and recognition, that has its principal functionality in the bowel (around 70%) with special sensors (plates) and with an ample lymphatic net where the linfocitis circulate sent by the blood in the whole organism, to “recognize" what serves to life and total protection of the body for its best survival.

Our belly is a powerful complex psico (inconscious/animal/visceral), neuro, endocrinal, integrated and informed, which executes complex functions to a large extent autonomous, having immediate reactions with foods and informative system of the higher brain (in the skull, which sublimates in the cerebral cortex), therefore with instant interaction with the Information, emotions, stress and the Conflicts of the Being itself; in fact to every strong situation of Conflitto/stress, the whole stomach/belly area reacts with the increase or the diminution of the appetite and therefore with block or request for food, and accelerating or stopping the intestinal peristalsis and therefore interfering with the evacuation of the faeces, with consequent alteration of the autochtonous intestinal bacterial flora, and consequent mutation of it with proliferation of certain bacteria and of the Candida (fungus) and its pathogenic variants (Candida Albicans and its variations) and of parasites (Trematodi, Fasciolopsis etc. - there are 170 varieties of it).

We “feel" unconsciously every event, with the stomach/belly, which is our most sensitive receptor, ours primordial instincts – emotions are located here. 

And it is really in the stomach (see Iridologia) that the physiological process of  Unresolved Conflicts starts, and therefore that of the alterations of the Omeostatic and Thermal Nutritional processes, which "going down" subsequently in the bowel, provoke the alteration of the pH of the digestions and therefore death and/or bacterial mutations of the autochtonous flora and therefore enzymatic alterations with the creations of micotoxins and chronic acidosis with alteration from the neutrality of the RedOx potential (oxide-reduction), through particular acids produced by a micobacterion, the Sarcina Ventriculi, and pathogenic fungi, which spark the processes which are at first inflammatory and subsequently degenerative (progressive poisoning of salts mineral-micro-crystals + micotoxins) of the intestinal epithelium tissue, and subsequently that of tissues and of the cells of other parts of the body (target organs) where therefore also the fungi and bacteria (i.e. parasitic patogens) will install.

Drawn by the studies of researcher Giovanni Puccio of Palermo, Italy, who claims, after detailed  studies:    
"The Sarcina Ventriculi is a entero-fermentant bacterium, acid-resistant, stimulating  the gastric glands, present in you certain pathologies of the digestive apparatus and completely absent in  healthy subjects.  
Particular, the production of etanoloH2, acidoacetic and formic. By reacting  with lHCl, through the H that acts as a catalyst, ethanol forms the chloride detilee a molecule of water.  
This last oxidized by the alcohol of the drogenasis forms the cloroacealdeide that causes the depletion of the GSSG, GSH, ATP and a lipidic perossidation, starting on the damaged tissues a cellular degeneration and an arrest of the vital functions in the spite (all.B).  

Dr. Jesper Lagergren of the institute Karolinska in Stockholm published his studies, on the New England Journal of Medicine, 18/03/99, confirming, partly, the theory that I had advanced regarding certain neoplasie, even if he didn't succeed in explaining the increase of the acidity in the stomach."  

Here is also the conclusion reached by a group of Swedish researchers, whose job has been published on a number of "New England Journal of Medicine"; "...taking anti-acids to try to make up for to the acidity does not serve to decrease the risk.  
Acidity of Stomach suspected for Cancer of the esophagus: who suffers with frequency of acidity of stomach and reflux of intestinal acids is more exposed to the risk to develop the cancer of the esophagus." 

The above research has been conducted on the data related to all the Swedes with an age of less than 80 years, among 1994 and 1997 inclusive, total of the checked population: 8 million people. 
The acid of the regurgitation (produced by the bacterium Sarcina Ventriculi, coming from endogenous bacterial mutations, which from the duodeno, go up and establish themselves in the stomach), induces some changes in the oesophagus cells that can degenerate for the continuous poisoning on the spot that attracts bacteria and fungi - Candida Albicans and his/her variations) turning the part into adenocarcinoma (worst form of this type of cancer of this duct). 

This researcher confirms that the cancer is linked to the micoplasma (bacteria + fungi): + Is Cancer a Fungus
"Do fungi play a role in the aetiology of cancer ? "

Reviews in Medical Microbiology - 13(1):37-42, January 2002, Wainwright
Abstract: The recent recognition that the bacterium Helicobacter pylori potentially plays a role in the aetiology of gastric cancer has highlighted the possibility that other non-virus microorganisms, including yeasts and filamentous fungi, may also cause cancer in humans. For more than a century fungi have been implicated in the aetiology of cancer. Initially, attention was directed to yeasts in the so-called blastomycete-theory of cancer; more recently filamentous fungi have also been implicated in carcinogenesis, based largely on their ability to produce potentially carcinogenic mycotoxins. 
Here, the widely spread literature on the role of fungi in carcinogenesis is reviewed in the hope that it will stimulate a re-evaluation of the potential carcinogenic role of fungi.
(C) 2002 Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Inc.

This means that the risk of developing cancer is 8 times higher in subjects who suffer from stomach acidity.

The nocturnal reflux of acid is 11 times greater than the one during the day.

It needs remembering that official medical science has not been able yet to explain what are the causes of stomach acidity or the acid reflux; threfore we should not overlook these symptoms, or take them lightly.

On the contrary, we know that is the intestine’s pH alteration, with loss of the simbiotic bacterial flora, which is the cause of it, alongside chronical stress.

See: “Principles of Internal Medicine”, Harrison's; chapt.: “Acidosis and Alcalosis” by Norman G. Levinsky.

See Acid-Base  +  Refères on acidic pH in Tumours


We remember that old age is the result also of the chronic loss of bicarbonates in the blood and of the continuous increase of the poisonings that produce inflammations and therefore phenomena of local bodily acidosis.
pH and Chemotherapy - A., Raghunand N. B., Gillies RJ.
University of Arizona Health Sciences Center, Cancer Center Division, Tucson 85724-5024, USA.
In vivo pH measurements by magnetic resonance spectroscopy reveal the presence of large regions of acidic extracellular pH in tumours, with the intracellular pH being maintained in the neutral-to-alkaline range.
This acid-outside plasmalemmal pH gradient acts to exclude weak base drugs such as the anthracyclines and vinca alkaloids, a behaviour that is predicted by the decrease in octanol-water partition coefficients of mitoxantrone and doxorubicin with decreasing solution pH.
This pH gradient can be reduced or eliminated in mouse models of breast cancer by systemic treatment with sodium bicarbonate..... PMID: 11727930

But a determined pH has enormous variables of resistence (ro'), measurable in Ohm in ionic position, or of electronic (rH) potential, or in microVolt.
They are always connected and interindipendent. If you don't keep in mind these variables, It's impossible to have a clear, complete and descriptive panorama (es.: in blood examination and the real values of its pH, or in that of the urine, etc.) of the health of a human being or animal: see Bioelettronica.


In parallel to this, there are also alterations of the oxid-reducing potential (Red-Ox Potential), due to the intoxication of the intra and extra-cellular ground, which, in the patient suffering cancer and in the terminally ill, becomes particularly oxidized (enormous increase in positive electrons because of mitocondrial malfunction, which reduces the emission of negative electrons); hence the Ground rebalancing must be executed with a powerful oxid reductor, such as Glutation   and/or  Fior of Sulfur and/or other reducing and/or detoxicating products (anti free radicals).  

1. Frassetto Lynda and Sebastan Antony - "Age and Systemic Acid-Base Equilibrium", Analysis of Pubblished Data, Journal of Genrontology: Biological Sciences 1996, Vol51A. N° 1,B91-B99
2. Frassetto Lynda et al - "
Diet, evolution and aging", European Journal of Nutrition, Vol40, N° 5, 2001
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4. Wang Sang - "Reverse Aging", ISP Publishing,  Miami FL, 1990 -

Spiritual Conflicts instigate Biological ones and the latter supply the Spirit of feelings of discomfort and pain to point out to the Mind and the Ego/IO that the adopted behaviours, do not conform (are not coherent) to the Laws of Creation, this is has the purpose of pushing and forcing the Being to seek the causes and the paths to regain the recovery; it is a mechanism with a precise educational purpose with a psycho/somatic cycle: PSICO - Neural - GASTRO - INTESTINAL - Endocrine - Immunitary, that also invests the genetic patrimony of the person, by pushing to surface and somatizing in advance possible inherited illnesses, but above all fixes information of the illness (the pain) in the DNA of the patient,  that therefore it is handed down to his/her descendants. 

This happens especially when the illness is not treated according to the simple methods of the natural medicine (eliminating it from the organism =  by detoxifying and by disinflaming - also using and not only the Fior of Sulphur and/or Glutatione – and by repopulating the BIO Vital fungal bacterial flora with special multibacterial integrators and by cleaning and disinflaming the intestine with  hydro colon therapy, when possible: also see Protocol of the Health), as All of the illnesses which are not cured in a natural way, insert in the genetic patrimony (DNA of the mitochondria), information of themselves that are transmitted to the descendants. An example: even in some Alzheimer pathologies, mutations have been identified in the genes of the DNA, and 2 enzymes have been discovered which are (erroneously) indicated as responsible for the process (secretases).  
In subjects who have been vaccinated, the induced genetic mutations, can be found in their children and/or grand-children... these mutations are verifiable with a chromosomal map drawn from grandparents, sons, and grandchildren.
If  Being through its mind-wish does not solve its spiritual conflict, it produces strong continuous-chronic stress and therefore further immune-depression in a vicious circle, which cannot be solved up to the death of the individual! 

It is the  ground/matrix (cellular tissue) propitious (altered in his/her pH and poisoned by toxins) that it allows bacteria and mutagen fungi to proliferate on the spot.  Some other times it is only fungi, in other cases fungi + bacteria, but what is Always there is the Lack of cellular Oxygen and intoxication from Micro Crystals or Salts Clusters, (poisonings from mineral salts).    
An examination of the blood to the microscope allows to preventively know if a subject is somatizing a cancer long before it is manifested, even months before the cancer manifests himself in the target organs.    
Therefore any advisor, nurse, medic, is able to view and to verify beforehand the state of health of the ill!   
We always remember that whatever therapeutic avenue is chosen, it is necessary to remove the Causes that are born in the Brain/Spirit, which always produce Spiritual Conflicts that, if unsolved and lived in loneliness, become crystallized and develop over the time in the target organs – target zones, but only if on the spot there are inflammations and cellular intoxications by micro crystals, with colonization in the local tissues of fungi, bacteria, with contemporary situations of malnutrition (problems of intestinal mis-absorbtion) and immune-depression with organs of elimination malfunctioning, which are with-causes that, if not eliminated, the cancer will re-appear elsewhere in time, even if it gets removed with surgical operation.  

Body's First Defense May Be Root of Diseases Cancer, Even Alzheimer's, May Begin With Inflammation  
(By Rob Stein) - Washington Post Staff Writer - Sunday, February 16, 2003; Page A01  
The American study affirms with abundance of details that inflammations can be the basis of a great number of pathologies, including cancer.  
Tumors, the danger runs on the inflammations - The results of the researches being illustrated in a conference of respiratory physiopathology.  

(13/07/02) - Experts from the Institute of Respiratory Physiopathology of the CNR (National Research Centre) in Palermo invite not to underestimate inflammations, which, by damaging the DNA of the cells, can contribute to the onset of neoplasies.  
Therefore, inflammations should never be underestimated, especially if it becomes chronic: this could represent the first stage of a tumourial process and to contribute to its evolution.   
"The chronic inflammation - explained Giovanni Bonsignore, Director of the Institute of Respiratory Physiopathology of the CNR during an international conference, organized in collaboration with the university in Palermo and the Menarini Foundation -  involve the production of molecules that, by interacting with the cells, can bring to the formation of neoplasies".    
The follow relates to blood plasma intoxications, even from micro Crystals, from physician Dr. Mario Pitoni - Primary of Dialysis Nephrology - Hospital of Rieti - General Pathologist – Professor in Nephrology - Catholic University in Rome:    "Following an in-depth study by Marcello Creti,  a known scientist, from which it has emerged that the origin of cancer is due to the "intrusion and organization" of coherent and symmetrical micro crystals inside the human organism, I have been carrying out a microscopic research of such formations, which are present in the tissues and in the blood of patients affected by a physiological alteration, called cancer by the scholastic medical science. After long researches to the microscope on thousand of slides, I have been able to highlight, unquestionably and with rich photographic documentation, the organized tumourial micro crystals (coherent and symmetrical) and inserted in the organic tissues. 

The aim and the objective of such discovery can allow an early diagnosis, (anticipated because can be before the out-patient and hospital examinations) and also of prevention of those people that risk to develop malignant tumours, for which I have considered opportune to divulge part of my microscopic clinical searches."   

Note: the healthy individual (not having cancer) does not have these intrusions of Coherent and Symmetrical micro Crystals. On the contrary, they are incoherent and asymmetrical!!

The simple psycho-biological mechanism of the illness and above all of cancer, begins with Conflicts of incoherence - spiritual transgressions and from the mind-organ-brain they “transfer” in the stomach-intestine in the enteric Brain, producing processes of physiological stress, chronic inflammation of target organs, that with unsuitable feeding produce acidosis, alteration of the correct intakes of cellular oxygen, cellular malnutrition, and production of toxins with blood loaded with toxic proteins and micro Crystals, + exogenous intoxications from toxic products and assumption of Medicines and Vaccines = installation of parasites, intra-produced from the activation of bacterial and fungal mutations (e.g.. Candida Albicans and its variants), producing any illnesses, from the simple inflammation, cold, influence.......up to cancer and/or aids. 
Schaffner, H. Douglas, A. Braude in "Selective Protection against Candidaia by Mononuclear and against Mycella by Polymorphonuclear Phagocytes in resistance to Aspergillus", J.Cin. Invest. Vol. 69, March 1982, p. 617.   

According to this principle, illnesses do not exist. It is the sick who exists ! Illness is therefore only one: a slow and progressive process of: 
Ethical errors, inflammations, intoxications, with subsequent cells colonization, tissues, organs, from bacteria and fungi (without control, that is without antagonist fungi and bacteria of those micro organisms, because' the autochtonous bacterial flora is very altered and therefore not in the correct ratios), in part or in the whole organism, up to bring about chronic illness and then the death of the subject ! 

All the sicks also have a liver intoxication which is more or less evident, due to inflammations and intoxications being described earlier + production of non vital blood, which is intoxicated by  processes of digestive alteration that produce therefore liver malfunctioning, with endogenous production of: viruses, micro crystals - that become with time stones - that depositate in the gall bladder and with cholesterol are glued and become bigger and bigger + poisoning of the nefrones in the kidneys, etc.  
All degenerative illnesses do not have only one organ or system which is jammed/sick, but a set of organs and systems which work in a really bad way. 

Therapy should simply have to follow the way of rearranging of the global disintoxication from all the toxins accumulated in the Ground (toxic proteins and micro crystals), pathogenic fungi and parasites, besides the rearranging of the intake of cellular oxygen, which is always altered in any illnesses, until a solution and/or “digestion” of the Spiritual Conflict is reached.   
We remember that all degenerative illnesses have a common matrix: the inflammation (inflammaging, production of "bad" citochine). 

It has recently been discovered that the chronic inflammation is the source of a great number of pathologies, of different types, explains Dr. Claudio Franceschi, Professor in Immunology at the University of Bologna. We, as scientists of Natural Medicine, have always been claiming that: All illnesses are generated by processes of inflammation. 
This subject will surely be discussed at future congresses of Psycho-neural-immunology…

- (Psycho-Physiological processes of illnesses according to Natural Medicine)  
(also see studies of G. Puccio, a scientist/researcher in Palermo - Italy - a synthesis of which is published in our web Portal under the title: Researchers hindered by official medicine)  

Stomachic acidosis is produced by the metabolism of certain bacteria - Sarcina Ventriculi – which are acid resistant and fermentative of soluble sugars. They in fact produce ethanol, H2, acetic and formic acid. Ethanol, by reacting with chloridric acid produces the CH3 CH2 Cl that it is a powerful poison - alchilic alogenure) and from the alteration of pancreatic fluids not sufficiently basic/alkaline, if acidosis gets reproduced in the extra-cellular liquids and in the cytoplasm of the cells in tissues of organs linked through the nervous system to the neurons of the brains where the first edema resides (see TAC) which are "invested" by the Spiritual Conflict.
The cell does not “go crazy”, as the current oncologists want us to believe as an act of faith, but, because the cell is being "isolated" due to a too high level of intra or extra cellular pollution, it follows a new order of Creation of Life (regressing to an "embryonic" or "staminal" level of information) waiting for the rearrangement of the Ground.

The process of proliferation which produces cellular mass is determined, not only from liquids accumulation due to the present inflammation, but also from the fungal cells (Candida Albicans and its variants); these are warm tumours with edemas, that have a tendency to proliferate even onto other acid-oxidized zones (managed by the mind in conflict-stress) and to increase more and more in their mass, to the damage of the their host. 

When this mass reaches the basic tissues, as fungi are not able to survive in a basic environment, the fungal cellular production stops, and the surrounding tissues isolate that mass forming a layer of fabric impenetrable to the fungi. This block and  bio-chemical isolation of the tumour gets called by the official medical oncologists "benign tumour", which can be removed by surgical action because its mass is well defined.

In the opposite case, fungi continue their action and they branch in the tissues producing a carcinogenic tree of fungal proliferation in all the tissue there is inflammation, poisoning, acidity and oxidation stress; these tumours are called by the official oncology, “malignant”. 
Same process, but inverse, occurs in the case of cold tumours with necrosis/holes. In this case the information of the genome (mitochondrial  DNA) is the one which determines the cellular death and not that of the cellular proliferation.  

It is a known fact that "the date of death" is written in the genome of the living beings, i.e. in the genes of the chromosomes which are contained in the mitochondria; in this process of necrosis, a type of fungi which destroy cells get activated.  

According to principles of chemistry: "…in order to rearrange a biochemical system, it is necessary to remove the inhibitors", therefore it is necessary to rearrange the correct intakes of cellular oxygen, to eliminate the toxins, the poisons, to rearrange the acid - basic alterations and those of oxide – reduction, and the fungal bacterial mutations and also eliminate the parasites, and some bacteria, starting with the Candida Albicans.  

To synthesize: the use of basic water (with 5% of Bicarbonate of Sodium), (by oral, venous and/or injection) for the rearrangement of the cancerous Ground from acid towards basic + the use of the Fior of Sulphur and/or Glutatione (a powerful oxide-reductor and/or of other oxide redactor substances) + the rearrangement of the diet, (unsuitable aliments, withCause of cancer) nutrition and bacterial flora and enzymes, are the Therapies for excellence for the Cancerous patients and to definitely defeat Cancer, not forgetting the solution and/or the elimination of  unresolved Spiritual Conflicts and lived through in Loneliness, using a Technique called "Confession". 
Natural Medicine Only uses this way, to help the process of self-recovery !  

LAW of Recovery
(Hering‘s Law)  
In "true" recoveries, after the application of the correct techniques with the administration of the correct remedies, the patient doesn't reach the state of full wellbeing in a casual way, but on the contrary, by following an articulated path which follows a precise law of elimination of the symptoms.  
The symptoms will disappear from the top (spiritual side) to bottom (which means that a state of anxiety will disappear before than a gastric heartburn); they will disappear from the inside to the outside (to the improvement of an asthma it may follow a worsening of a cutaneous eczema that will improve in turn later, and not vice versa).
This is because of the "centrifugal" characteristic of natural and/or homeopathic cures, which contemplates to "throw out" the illness rather than to have the tendency to suppress her/it.  
The symptoms that have appeared more recently will disappear first, then later those that have a more remote origin in time.  

- Confession Technique - Auditing or Confession
(This technique is useful for helping whoever, but also and above all the Cancerous patient, and for eliminating the emotionalisms contained in the Spiritual Conflicts. Especially those that are unresolved and lived in loneliness).

Annulment of the Effects of the Mental Aberrations  
Anciently it was called: Technique of the Confession and we believe this to be the Technique par excellence to be adopted to remove the emotionalisms and the parts of the Ego/I remained in the own past.  
In a calm place where there are no possible causes of trouble, the "confessor" and the patient will meet together.  
The confessor has to make to relax and to reassure the patient and then to ask him some inherent questions his/her person, the family, the friends, taking note even if he/she has had some extinct darlings.  
After he/she will have done this and he/she will have explained the motive for this session to the patient, the technician it will begin this way:  

Confessor - "Look up and when I will have counted from one to seven, you will close your eyes.  
You will be always conscious and aware of what will happen during the session and you will remember everything; if anything doesn't please yourself, if you won't like a situation, you can go out of the session in whatever moment."  

Putting the patient at ease and slowly counting "one, two, three, etc. seven, close the eyes" (make a break, making the patient breathe with the abdomen. Slowly, the patient will feel at real ease).  

At this point, a “deletion” mechanism of possible suggestions needs to be installed.  
Confessor - When I will use the word "cancelled" every thing that I will have told you during the session, will not have any power on you anymore. Any suggestion has been created in you won't have any power, after you will have listened to the word "cancelled" (make sure that the patient has understood this).  

Confessor - "Go back to your most recent episode of joy", (make him/her tell you in detail up to the end, by asking him/her to also visualize the colours, to hear again the sounds, in short to relive that event with the maximum possible participation).  

This way the confessor can familiarize with the patient and make him discover the technique of the return to the event.  

Confessor - "Go to your most recent episode of pain" (use the same technique as before the same application, besides making him/her tell it from the beginning for more times, and every time that it will be necessary,  make him/her visualize the colours, the odours, the sounds and the other sensations.  

Make the patient narrate the events every time from the beginning, going if possible into details, until you see the patient relieve himself from the whole emotionalism contained in that event, finding it in the somatic characteristics: weeping, grimaces, releases, perspiration, strange movements, joy, etc.  

The confessor needs taking notes to help the patient to go in more details every time the episode gets narrated again.  

Confessor - " Go to an episode which is similar, precedent to this last" (work on this episode as above, then proceed backwards in time, relieving every time the load of emotionalism that is encountered in the various episodes).  

At the end of the session, after having reduced the emotional charges being encountered, make the patient return to the present time, asking him what day it is, how is he dressed, on which chair is he sat, with whom is he speaking, and where he is.  

Confessor - use the word: "Cancelled."  

Let the patient to open his eyes and make him touch objects, so that he is aware of his position space/time.  

We advise to use this technique no later than 22 hours, as once the session has started, it is necessary to carry on until the end, downloading as much as possible the encountered emotionalisms, and absolutely not leaving the patient mid-way!

The sessions always need to finish when the patient will have a tone of high spirit, or at least good, and they should have an interval of 72 hours apart.

A very similar technique is taught and practised by the movement of "Dianetics" of the "Church of Scientology"; they affirm that this technique has been developed only by their founder; the fact is that this technique has been transmitted in the centuries since ancient Egypt and through the Essenes  (Those people who Are, an ancient Hebrew "sect"), was introduced in the Jewish Christianity and subsequently more in the Catholicism that in the other Christians churches, however in a corrupt form, not really useful, and called "ear confession". Therefore its “creation” cannot be attributed only to the Catholics or to the founder of Dianetics, as their followers affirm.  

Other more complex techniques exist, which we however we do not take in consideration now, as the Natural or Biological Medicine tends to use simple techniques that can be adopted in the house and if possible, without the aid of technicians. For these other techniques, please see other chapters.

We remember that this technique is useful for the Health rearrangement, but health does not return if we are not going to act for the immediate rearrangement of the existing Conflicts and of the Thermal/Nutritional alterations, by detoxifying the organism, which are with-causal facts that are always present in all the illnesses, Spiritual, Emotional and Physical.  


In case of Tumors
, Cancer, beside practising the Protocol above, it is necessary to remove All of the causes and, If we Want to Be Precise and Professional, we Have to Point out that the causes are: 

1) Principal Cause:  The Conflicts of Ignorance and Incoherence = (Spiritual Therapy - Confession Technique - Auditing or Confession)
2) Secondary causes:  tissutal alterations (acid/basic – oxide reducing) of the Ground 
3) Tertiary causes:   micro-crystals intra cellular intoxications  = (disintoxication)
4) Others causes:  loss of autochtonous bacterial flora and immune depression with Colonization of the tissues from certain bacteria and fungi (Candida and its variants) and parasites, trematodi, fasciolopsis, etc. = (Assumption of Bacterial Flora – Live Lactal Ferments)
5) In some cases it is essential, to perform infiltrations of physiological base solutions made of bicarbonate of sodium (to 5%) from 5 grams to 500 grams, also in the tissues around the fungal mass, through longer needles, so that the solution can reach firstly the tissues around the fungal mass, and Only After a few days can reach and infiltrate the proper tumourial mass.

In further other cases, it can be useful through the veins, or with the insertion of catheters to drain her or the parts affected by the tumour.  
Bicarbonate of sodium solution is on sale in the pharmacy, in concentrations of 1.4,5 (recommended for the infiltrations), 7.5 and 8.4%. This becomes necessary as, if the process of basicization was inverted, the fungal mass would become isolated from the basic tissues and them, the fungi, would immediately migrate "escaping" in the adjoining tissues, which are still acid.    

6) In a parallel way, it is necessary to rearrange the "oxide-reduction" processes, using  Fior of Sulphur and/or of the Glutatione (powerful oxide reductors).  

The metastasis are not generated by the wandering of cancerous cells in the body, but should be defined as the wandering of some fungi (fungal cells, which are visible to the microscope with a slide of blood) in inflamed tissues, intoxicated by micro-Crystals through the organism, in the search of acid and intoxicated "zones", whre to install themselves, forming New tumours.  
Very easily, after a treatment of radiotherapy or chemotherapy, new metastasis are generated, or new tumours, better definable as new fungal masses, in other organs which are secondary and tertiary targets of the unresolved Spiritual Conflict!  

7) Either if the patient has fever, or not, follow these suggestions: watching out that every individual has his/her own reactions for every therapy or produced ingested, pay attention to the reactions and modify the techniques (replacing them with others) or the utilized integrators (quantity or quality) according to the reactions and of the personal necessities of each.  
Remember that every patient must rest in bed; the body needs the horizontal position to begin the processes of recovery which are always bound to the terrestrial magnetism that always and especially intervenes during the periods of sleep; here is the reason of the due rest to be observed in every type of illness. 
Particular attention must be paid to the thermal re-balancing between bowel and skin, so that a good skin temperature also to the feet and the hands is maintained. To achieve this it is necessary to use: cold cataplasms on the abdomen, cold frictions, baths to sit, bandages on the whole body.   
Especially in case of fever these techniques will start the progress of elimination of the feverish state, which is in fact the reaction of the nervous gastro-enteric terminations to the states of excitement and inflammation, which MUST be eliminated by the skin 
This Therapy Anti-Cancer has been partially applied (only the use of basic water) by the Roman physician, Dott. Tullio SIMONCINI




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Many authors among the described ones and also others as for instance Yemma J.J (Cytobios 1994;77(310):147-58), they admit today therefore a role direct eziologico of the micete in the genesis of the cancer. 
In 1911, Rous P. had gotten the development of malignant tumors through transmission with cellular filtrates of the masses neoplastiche (JAMA 1983 Seps 16;250(11):1445-9). 
In 1939, Reich W. had shown that the cancer is transmissible and therefore of infectious origin ("You biopatia of the cancer" Varese 1994). 
· 13.Ginsburg I.s (Science 1987 Dec 11;238(4833):1573-5) it shows as cells tumorali of mouse infected from Candida Albicans and you inject in fetterses singenici, exhibits an aggressiveness and an ability of growth notably you increase in comparison to cells tumorali not infected. 
· 14.Perri G.Cs (Toxicol Eur Res 1981 Nov;3(6):305-10s) it brings the tall incidence of neoplasie in mice fed with additional quotas of proteins drawn by the Candida. In it practises, it is always therefore the same Candida that attaches the different tissues suiting himself/herself/itself of time in time for the type of environment that finds. The specifications then that dates usually come respect to the various Candida (Candida Albicans, Krusei, Glabrata, Tropicalis etc.), they underestimate the fact that you/they derive all from an only founder which, when it genetically changes for attaching the guest, it becomes now now this that log. 
· 15.Hopfer R.Ls. you/he/she has for instance found in crops post-mortem of a leukemic sick, well 4 different kinds of Candida. 
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· 20.Yasumoto K. (Hum Antibodies Hybridomas 1993 Oct;4(4):186-9s) and Kawamoto S. (In Vitro Cell Dev Biol Anim 1995 Oct;31(9):724-9s) they show as the specific antibody monoclonale directed toward the citocromo C of the Candida Krusei it also reacts towards a fraction citoplasmatica of cells of the tumour of the lung. 
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· V23.ecchiarelli D. (Am Rev Respir Dis 1993 Feb;147(2):414-9s) it underlines as crops supernatanti of alveolar macrofagi coming from patient with tumour of the lung, is able to inhibit the activity fungicide of the cells polimorfonucleate 
· 24.Zanetta J.Ps. (Glycobiology 1998 Mar;8(3):221-5s) it individualizes the same behavior, that is one accented ability of bond towards him IL-2, both in the Candida Albicans and in the tumors. 
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· 29.Ubukata T. (Yakugaku Zasshi 1998 Dec;118(12):616-20s) it brings the high power inibitorio on the growth of the Candida one, from the serum and of the liquid ascitico of a mouse carrier of neoplasia 

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